GST : goods and service tax in INDIA , GST in Andhra Pradesh (a.p)

GST : Goods and Service Tax in India,
GST in Andhra Pradesh ,

what is GST or Goods & Service Tax bill (india)???

GST is nothing but Goods and Service tax
generally in every country there is taxes collected
directly and indirectly where they are called as DIRECT TAX and INDIRECT TAX

where direct tax is very familiar to every one as INCOME TAX , WEALTH TAX etc.,


INDIRECT  TAX is collected by the common people indirectly as its name itself specifies that
in the form of Sales Tax, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Etc.,

where Service Tax and Central Excise,Custom Duty., is controlled by Central government itself
but this Sales Tax is controlled by the State Government...

every state has their separate Tax rates from 0% to 14.5% and more...

by this GST both Central and State Government mingles and control the levy of tax

this GST Bill in India is mostly useful for manufacturers in India

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